Progress-results of activities until now (20.10.2015)

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Arges implementation began according with the indication of the approved AF. During the months of October and November 2013 the parthership worked in preparing all administrative and legal documents to sign (SC and PA) and in identifying the skills necessary to provide staff.On December 10th at Region of Epirus the kick-off meeting was organized. LP prepared 1st and 2nd and 3rd progress Report. All of them has been sent and approved by the JTS. Partners prepared a procurement plan and a forecast 2014. Partners participated in the administrative meeting organized on 20th of March by the JTS in Thessaloniki. The official logo for ARGES project presented to all partners. P2(Igoumeni tsa Port Authority) started the procedures for the implementation of the Directive 2010/65/EC in the Port. P5 organized bilateral meetings with LP(5/2014), Port of Corfu(4/2014) and Port of Patras (5/2014). P6 several TM on WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 with all partners involved in (P2,P4,P5,P10).
Furthermore P2 &P6 have spread ARGES project during the fair Port Shipping Tech in Naples held on June 26th and 27th. P10 made a preparation of a first version of the service for the provision of meteo -oceanogragraphic forecast. All partners participated in the 2nd kick off meeting and TTM in Rome held in 8/9/10 of April. All partners participated in a TMM at Bari(07/2014).CTI had a great cooperation with LP, P6 and along with all greek ports towards the project imlementation, discussing with them their needs and requirments. CTI team organized a greek partner meeting with the Minister of Shipping and the Aegean, the greek national authority for implementing Directive 65(7/2014). TMM in Patras (2-3/02) and TM with the JTS (30/03) in Thessaloniki. The budget modification request approved by the JTS& there is a New Application Form and extension till 30/11/2015. In the last TTM in Corfù (7/7/15) all partners have defined the latest action to be taken to complete the project.
The province of Barletta-Andria-Trani was in the technical meeting in Corfu on July 7, 2015, illustrating to the other partners the state of work's advancement for the WP5 realization. The company encharged for the technical-instrumental istallations and implementations to realize the WP5, in accordance with the provisions of the executive project and the related time schedule of the activities, after obtaining all regulatory approvals, It proceeded to install sensors, detectors and data monitoring stations at the access roads to the ports of Bari and Barletta. Simultaneously, the company is proceeding with the implementation of the appropriate software and ppplication programming interface for interfacing our platform CONCERT with the informatic platform of the Port Authority of the Levant. Following the nomination of the I level certifier of expenses, he has formally proceeded already to the validation of the expenses just liquidated by the Province until now.
1. Supply material: data collection instruments, variable messaging panels, computer equipment and data interconnect, electrical and assembly components;
2. analysis, with the support of the local authorities responsible for the management of roads, of the access roads to the ports of Bari and Barletta and subsequent identification of the most suitable for the installation of sensors and detectors functional to monitoring the traffic flow;
3. analysis of the urban roads network of the city of Bari and Barletta, always with the support of the competent local authorities that manage local roads, and subsequent identification of two roads (one in the city of Bari and one in the city of Barletta) considered highly trafficked and therefore suitable for the installation of the panels to variable messaging for data output;
4. preliminary inspection to identify the exact point of instrumentation’s installation;
5. formal request of all legal authorization for the use of public land and production of preparatory documentation necessary to obtain that permits;
6. installations of detection instrumentation data and variable messaging panels on the streets have been identified;
7. SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) configuration for the management of data flows;
8. updating of computer platform CONCERT already in use in this provincial administration;
9. realization of services for cooperation between the CONCERTO platform and the virtual sensors of the platform in use at Port Authority of the Levant for exchanging data between the two platforms.
Validation of the expenses already paid out by the ecxpenses certifier of I level.
Now it is necessary to conclude (Completion scheduled for 31/10/2015) the installation and implementation of software for data exchange between the Port Authority of the Levant and the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani; configure the management and monitoring of data; experimentation, coaching and training; validation of all expenses not yet paid, by the ecxpenses certifier of I level; promotion and dissemination of results.
P8 has just changed the financial plan, communicating this change through the appropriate budget modification request, by channelling budget plan's funds into services outsourcing to manage project. Public tender for Best Practices utilisation for studying and developing SMART technologies is on going. Change of date of Completion of the technical works of installations scheduled for 31/10/2015 (before it was on 10.8.2015).
Problems: Starting this year the new Provincial funding's rules (and of all Italian public administrations) requires that funds are duly accredited by the end of the current year, otherwise you would realize the condition, absolutely not recommended, a debt off balance. So we showed to all partners, during the meeting in Corfu, our concern of possible delays in founds's accreditation. We agreed that all partners commit themselves to respect on time of all project's deadlines, so as to facilitate a more rapid founds's accreditation.

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